Autoblopnik's newest parody ad is amazing. And the Economist disclaimer at the bottom is killer.


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Dammit, the Corolla is a perfectly adequate car. It gets ripped up on here a lot, but there are some damn good reasons it's the best selling car on Earth. My 2004 (with the same engine as the new 2014) is able to get 40mpg with some careful driving. My mileage in the city? 30. The car is now ten years old, and the only problems it's had are the battery, that came new with the car, crapped out , and a bolt rusted through, making my muffler fall off. Both simple, cheap fixes, on a ten year old car, that was probably bought new for about 15 grand. I will agree there are much better cars in the segment, but I don't think even the Civic is as dependable as a Corolla.

EDIT: And before I'm told I don't know what fun to drive is, my next car will be either a 328i or the Mazda 6 Diesel. I just bought what I could afford.