Jared Auslander
Jared Auslander | Creative Video Editor And Shooter
12/19/16 9:18AM

Didn’t realize this is an unpopular opinion (I thought everyone loved Olssen’s roofboxed supercars) but I think that Lambo looks sexy as hell with that roofbox while the volvo just looks meh.

12/19/16 8:21AM

dude down the street from me has a Subaru Outback he’s painted in flat-O.D. green. always has one of those boxes on the roof (also painted flat-O.D. green). every time I walk by it I tap on to box to see if there’s anything in it. there never is. he obviously thinks it (along with the flat-O.D. green paint) makes it Read more

12/19/16 6:56AM

Oh sure the sedan that is universally praised for being fun and dynamic/sporty to drive, best in it’s class on that part, is the counterpart for a boring plastic box

12/19/16 12:11AM

I find that form follows function, and the best looking cars are the cars with the best utility....hence subarus etc.

12/18/16 10:16PM

I just dont get this. I mean some of his cars look good. Some not so much. But is anything done in the way of performance or is it all looks.

12/18/16 9:41PM

you are angry this man spent money on something he likes to do? So you jump on the internet to bitch about said guy? and then compare him to some completely different guy that spends money for a completely different purpose for some sort of justification? Am i getting all this right?

12/18/16 9:05PM

There is a weird culture of racks and boxes on VWs though....to the extent that there are about as many soccer moms who are using their full size SUV’s towing capacity as there are sides using those boxes and racks to actually carry stuff.

12/18/16 6:27PM

I don’t know why everyone hates on roof boxes. Ever since I was a kid my parents had one on their vehicle. They’re perfect fit skiing to keep all the snowy salty muck out of your trunk, reasonably priced, and I don’t think they look bad at all.

12/18/16 5:36PM

Spec Ford Racer (SFR) Spotted at 2:58 in video.....Did not think i would see one of those in the video.

12/18/16 5:32PM

And what about the kit showing the bolts and the white paint and the Porsche-Esk decals. You are right, so much to complain about so let’s just enjoy what it is. “You say poor Toby. I say poor us.”

12/18/16 2:48PM

This is the equivalent of watching someone peel off Keira Knightley’s face and replace with William H. Macy’s in 4K.

12/18/16 2:25PM

nothin makes me happier in the holiday season than seeing a rich kid get everything they want.

12/18/16 12:14PM

When do they get to take the masking tape off the front fender?

12/18/16 12:06PM

Although I feel kind of torn by this dudes work I still feel like they focus way too much on the customers bullshit story. Read more

12/18/16 12:05PM

the person with the most skill in this video was whoever produced it. Stunning cinematography