Jared Auslander
Jared Auslander | Creative Video Editor And Shooter
11/10/16 10:40AM

This actually was a show car that competed in Hot Import Nights way back in the day. It used to have airbrushed doors:

6/09/16 11:11AM

My bad Rob! Khahn was throwing so many stats at me that I couldn’t keep up haha! See you on Sunday.

3/29/16 11:09AM

I was sent a private invitation for Thursday. Couldn’t be there Friday. Found out on Saturday that it was open to the public.

1/29/16 10:45PM

It’s quite simple actually, I’m saying that I like how I modified my vehicle and know that many people won’t. I’be predicted the future because I already know people will be butt hurt over it.

1/29/16 10:25PM

I would say that few trailer the cars and most claim to drive them daily. I don’t really hang out with those kinds of people so I honestly wouldn’t know. Read more

1/29/16 8:56PM

...and another typo. By the way, I would argue that this car/truck/thing doesn’t fit into either of those philosophies necessarily. Minus the fact that I don’t have rear seats, it’s still a comfortable, “utility” vehicle.

12/28/15 5:50PM

Mr. Buillit...I was the videographer/photographer that accompanied Mr. Holland on this trip. I also took this photo that you’re claiming is a stock one...I’ll take that as a compliment.

11/05/15 2:35PM

Congrats on your win man! I actually got to go to all the FD events this year and film, so it was really a pleasure watching you drive and destroy the competition. Read more