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Its cool to look at - the actual ride isn’t that exciting. Read more

i know dealers of other auto manufacturers will also say to their customers “due to plant closures ....”. Even though they are not impacted. Read more

It’s probably halfway to Sakaar by now.
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Still, the Joint Base put out the call on X (formerly known as Twitter) to see if anyone had spotted the jet:

I think it is this one. ‘not that long ago’; it is from feb 2022. Funny how time flies ... Read more

Also lots of 1-3 year old “COVID cars” are missing features due to supply chain issues and/or have lower than expected build quality due to staffing issues and labor shortages. Read more

Yes. I was exactly the guy described in this article. I had deposits at two dealerships for an AWD Sienna LE. My deal-breaker criteria were: 1) AWD (we ski all winter) 2)hybrid/PHEV 3)Big enough for a family of 4 and a weekend’s worth of ski/camping gear. The Sienna seemed like the only option that fit the bill (even Read more

what’s the line? people spend tremendous amounts of time reviewing the specs and reviews for all the data on what is ultimately an emotional purchase. Read more

People need to also note that the average new vehicle is going to easily be reliable well past their ownership period. Read more

In Mother Russia the tires land on the plane. Read more

Had 2 MK7 GTIs (one DSG and one 6MT Performance Pack), and traded the last one for an MK7 Golf R (6MT). MK7 platform is perfection. Excellent on track, All the creature comforts / tech anyone could ever use daily, Handles better than most RWD cars (the ones that don’t have LSDs), Controls are sharp yet forgiving, Can Read more

They’re kind of like Legos but for small children.
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2017 Evora. Most have 3 pedals, all look good. Some look great;

I feel that the US has become the world’s piggy-bank if you know how to manipulate: Create buzz, only announcements, not many actual products that can be reviewed. Go IPO, pump the stock price. Dump the stocks and cash in. Declare bankruptcy. Vinfast ? More like LoseFast.  Read more

My wife and I are watching Vinfast quite closely - we’re flabberghasted at their valuation. But I guess that’s what happens when only 1% of the stock is available to trade and it’s being pumped by the Vietnamese community. Read more

The battery replacement is an even better deal than what you said. When the batteries were replaced they replaced them with the same ones that go into a new Bolt so this means the capacity was increased a little but more importantly the range of the new battery is about 259 miles compared to the 230 miles it was Read more

Hey everyone, original “Jon” here. Thanks for all of your input and additional suggestions (and thanks to the editors for posting) - I just wanted to add a little clarity. Read more

Fraud: it’s more of a Shelbyville idea. Read more