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Apr 21

There’s an interesting form of “American Libertarian” that leans right into the Evangelical circles, and they don’t seem to understand what “state violence is bad” means. Read more

Apr 21

They do Euro delivery but no discounts and dealers hate doing it because they make less + have to waste a precious allocation. Read more

Apr 16

I don’t understand why radio stations, especially rock stations, insist on hiring people to yap about nonsense in the morning instead of...actually playing music.”

Apr 16

I was sick of hearing what seemed like 20 minutes of talk, 10 minutes of commercials and only about 10 minutes of music during my drive.” Read more

Apr 16

Glad you came out of it whole, and fuck morning DJ blabber.  The only terrestrial radio I listen to any more is the college station, and I don’t listen to that often either.  Actually, now I listen to an all-talk source.  Audiobooks!

Apr 9

If you have poor credit, you almost certainly don’t have the cash on-hand to pay for a car all at once, which leaves out private buyers.  

Apr 9

One thing I want to add in to Tom’s point: When you’ve figured out how much of a budget, treat that as your upper limit, not your starting point. I can’t tell you how many people start looking at $40,000 cars when their budget is $40,000, and then start adding in features they want from there. Don’t do this, because Read more

Apr 9

Off topic, but read this article (or any other) if you’re interested in learning how credit scores are designed to drag minorities down farther:

Apr 1

The hot wagons are clearly the best choices (closely followed by the Trackhawk). But Tom missed one in his list of wagon options:

Feb 19

I just had to reply to this thread, as someone who has worked at, well... clearly a much better dealership than those from all of these stories, for the last 16 years. Anything like what was mentioned above or below would never fly here. I’m genuinely blown away reading some of these stories - keep in mind I live in Read more

Feb 12

It is exactly nonsense like this why the last 2 cars I purchased were through an online car dealer. I no longer have any patience to sit in a cubicle for several hours while the sales person goes back and forth to the sales manager, and then when you get through that you have to deal with “Finance”... Read more

Feb 5

Some commenters are bored and some are horny
Me, I’m here with a rap that’s corny
The Bucs are a team that I just can’t see
Tom Brady’s only 3 weeks younger than me
Dude’s throwin’ the ball tryin’ to win the chip
I can’t see how he doesn’t break a hip
I’m hopin’ Mahomes gets dropped on his rump
Puts ketchup on well-done Read more

Feb 4

Sticking with Wagons, Saab 9-5 Aero Sportcombi or Saab 9-3 AeroX Sportcombi (Turbo-X like below if you can find one)