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The second part about depreciaton, these don’t hold value quite as well as the Hondas and Toyotas so you can get newer ones with lower miles compared to those cars at similar price points Read more

This thing is so friggin cool...I want to go to the UK just to try it out Read more

No because the only person pumping your cass is the paid attendant, so you won’t have scammers walking up to old ladys pumping their own gas to try to pull this trick. Read more

Sometimes it’s good to live in NJ where we don’t have to pump our own gas.  Read more

Because if the entry was “I have this 2017 Audi and I’m gonna keep it, just wanted to let you know!” We wouldn’t have a WCSYB column...this is for entertainment purposes.  Read more

Looks like someone finally cashed in their Pepsi points.  Read more

Oh yeah I read that one excellent post and A+ headline Read more

Dyer is great...I tried to find that article on his page but I couldn’t.  If you can locate it please send me the link. Read more

Toyota doesn’t really do “orders” - Read more

Are you speaking in general or to this post specifically? Read more

The problem with a 1-3 year old car from Honda, Toyota, that you will pay almost full retail price.  Read more

They can be a crap shoot, but it really is one of the best daily drivers you can buy for the money.  Read more

I still have my MK7 - Read more

That’s the thing, the airlines defalut to assigning them the aisle seat because often disabled folks need assistance transferring from the aisle chair to the seat and it may be difficult to lift someone all the way to the window seat.  Read more

I’ve thought about that myself...I really don’t know Read more