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Apr 21

That is a good question, I would imagine if you have some legit corporate connections they can pull some strings for you, but the transaction will likely have to go through a dealer. That being said corporate may be able to tell you which dealer is likely to accomodate. 

Apr 21

I imagine Jerry calling his delaer and being like “Hey...what’s the deal with allocations?” 

Apr 16

Yeah this was a well known local business that likely had insurance for this kind of thing. 

Apr 16

The Mini was replaced by a Subaru, that was replaced by a Mazda3, that was replaced by a GTI (which I still have), but I got an S model with no sunroof, lol

Apr 11

But so many people look at ther budget in terms of monthly numbers. Here is the thougth process behind that - I have X amount coming in and Y amount going out, leftover is Z. Of Z, I am comftarble with (I’ll use a common number here) $400/mo. I can then use a backwards loan calculator to start wiht $400/mo I assume a Read more

Apr 1

Normally my gut would say to go with either the Mercedes E63 wagon or the Audi RS6. But as capable as those wagons are, they both feel like big cars. I would have you consider the Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo Turbo."

Mar 23

Steve is the agent I had working lead on this case. So the dealer was actually talking to “Steve”

Mar 6

You can email me at or alternately

Feb 25

I agree that the Niro PHEV is excellent. However the reader explicitly said she does not want a plug in due to lack of charging with street parking and I don't think you can find a Niro PHEV under 15k.