Chris Clarke
Aug 21

While I don’t condone any illegal activities, especially when it comes to flying, but this stunt looks about as harmless as a house fly.

Oct 12 2018

Ironically these guys just announced plans for an actual hydrogen fuel-cell distributed electric-propulsion powered passenger aircraft.
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Oct 9 2018

I have a 98 A4 Avant and an 01 S4 that I daily drive for the last 10 years. This is basically my life.

Jul 24 2018

You did an excellent job describing the situation. In my professional opinion, I believe procedurally both controller and pilot did what they had to do. Operationally the squabble on frequency was unprofessional by both parties.

Mar 27 2018

As a teenager, I was gifted a gently used Honda CRX Si that needed some minor repair. The front plastic was cracked from a deer and the rear bumper was crumpled from a fender bender. The battery was dead and the spark plug wires were loose. I may have made some tacky cosmetic “enhancements” but I was young and stupid

Jan 6 2018

Never thought I’d have so much in common with Jerry. Love my MGB GT.

Dec 20 2017

One thing you forgot to mention is that its really fucking hard work, but in the scheme of things only a minor inconvenience when you consider the shit these kids have been handed.