Kristen Lee
Writer at Jalopnik and consumer of many noodles.
7/20/20 8:28PM

Fancy Kristen! Things have really gone downhill around here without you. There is no longer anyone with any class in this joint. Well, there is some, but it’s low. Be careful, you’re one of the best and sorely missed.

7/20/20 3:38PM

Kristen! We’ve missed you so much, please come back! 

5/06/20 7:45PM

You need to fire Fancy Kristen. I heard her last expense report was a fifteen thousand dollar bar tab, and that she was temporarily banned from Dubai for yelling so hard at a Burmese Tiger for not knowing how to operate the massage functions in the back of a Rolls Royce which was on loan from the government of that Read more

4/15/20 6:23PM

Oh yeah, his browser tabs! It’s the most terrifying fucking thing. He has like 5,000 Chrome tabs at any given times. I don’t think he’s shut down his computer since like 2012.

4/15/20 5:59PM

I still can’t believe Jalopnik lasted 15 minutes, let alone 15 years. But I can always count on good people finding their way to becoming keeper of the takes. Godspeed, Ballaban. May a haircut that suits your face someday find you, as it has still eluded me. Or mine. Whatever.

4/15/20 5:13PM

Remembering our office pod feels like halcyon days. Good company at a company that wasn’t so good. Good luck to Mike and his quest to one day drive a car.

3/31/20 11:19PM

I read that my senior year of college when I decided to take a 300-level literature class on a whim (I was a history major). Loved the book, loved the class (also read Walker Percy, Ben Jonson, and other comedic classics I otherwise would have missed out upon), and *anyone* who reads Flannery O’Connor for pleasure is Read more

3/31/20 6:38PM

Your stuff here on Jalponik was first rate, and if there’s anything that would make me look at or even bookmark anything called “business insider” it would be the prospect of reading your crazy jazz over there. Good luck in all your future endeavors, and don’t keep the aspidistra flying!

3/31/20 6:31PM

Shit. This sucks. She wrote some of the best short form science fiction I’ve ever read.

3/31/20 6:17PM

Kristen Lee is so steadfastly opposed to lame-ass shit that she refused to stop making fun of me for months after she realized that General Tso’s chicken is my go-to order at a Chinese restaurant. She called me white as hell, a weenie from Ohio, and roasted my basic-ness. Read more

3/31/20 6:14PM

Your articles have always had an honest take and I for one appreciated that.  You will be missed!

3/31/20 12:58PM

Let me be clear; I am 100% in support of you following your career aspirations. I just will miss seeing you serve dinner on a hubcap, shit on male crybabies, and just all you write, photograph, and host. Read more