Rob Emslie
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Thursday 9:25AM

Hey, the coupe is about 100 pounds heavier than this!

5/17/21 9:36AM

The more important question: how many of these NPOND posts have been written while on the toilet?

5/17/21 8:41AM

By drop top, do you mean the SSR? That was a bit of a different bird. Still, point taken.

5/03/21 9:28AM

Allow me to introduce you the wacky world of Mercedes-Benz W123 diesel estates.

4/30/21 2:06PM

They are a good bit roomier than a Se7en. It’s no Caddy limo, mind you, but you can at least zip up your fly in the MG. Not too sure about the Se7en.

4/21/21 8:41AM

Perhaps it has something to do with that large body of water in the background of some of the pics? 

4/20/21 8:47AM

I could be mistaken but I believe the little box behind the rear-view mirror is the light sensor for the automatic headlamps. The stuff in the boot looks to be two umbrellas, an ice scraper, and a battery jump pack. Not sure if any of those come with the car, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

3/16/21 11:30AM

Would love to do so, but I like the look of the Becker that’s already in the car. Also, the PCCM unit alone costs something like five or six times what I spent on all the interior work.

3/16/21 11:27AM

Now that I can move the driver’s seat back and forth so as to access the four mounting bolts I most certainly could pull them out for a picnic!

3/16/21 8:45AM

Yes! Ford should have kept with the Cortina here in the 1970s instead of replacing it with the Pinto.

3/03/21 3:48PM

That’s a beaut. I have never had anything but bad luck with GE home appliances. I’m glad my poor experience isn’t universal. Come to think about, maybe it’s been me all along...?

3/02/21 2:33PM

I don’t think this was a patrol car. It could have been some sort of administrator’s ride or smoother. I’m pretty sure the paint and the light bar are all cosplay and not original.

3/02/21 2:31PM

Years ago, my father-in-law was ticketed in a rental car for speeding one or another mid-western state. I think the state was Kansas, but I don’t recall for certain. Anyway, he was apparently going so fast that once he got home he received a letter in the mail from the state demanding he turn in his driver’s license Read more