Erin Marquis
Managing Editor of Jalopnik.
Feb 8

No. There will be no unity until fascists who believe people should be killed for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs, are dead. Read more

Feb 8

One side literally just stormed the US capitol, erected gallows, and threatened to hang politicians. So no, I have zero desire for unity with anyone who supported that, and the fact that we still have politicians who defend it is disgusting.

Dec 8

This car is disgustingly excessive, and I am all here for it. Seinfeld described the Eldorado with the 500ci V8 as a car that screams “I am alone in this world”. It is massive for the sake of being massive. You can probably watch the fuel gauge drop every time you smash the pedal. Random oil princes will call you to Read more

Nov 13

“Bae always be taking photos of me sleeping”

Nov 12

Nice one. Mine was “Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton”... or maybe “First Few Desperate Hours”... I can’t quite remember (apologies for contradicting your point). A friend played me one of those two, and I went out and bought We Shall All Be Healed shortly thereafter. Read more

Nov 12

...Or how about the Mountain Goats song with a chorus that feels most appropriate to life in the continuous waking nightmare of 2020:

Nov 12

jesus no, start anywhere BUT this cringe ass vanity video. All Hail West Texas is the album to hear

Oct 30

My go to fast driving song, or heavy deadlift song, is “Close Your Eyes (And Count to Fuck)“ by Run the Jewels. Read more

Sep 8

Buy it.  I bought it. I bought it all because they deserve all the money. Reward them.

Sep 8

Someone beat me to Hunter’s Interceptor so I’ll go with the Morphomobile.