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You can actually hear their style progress (the early songs were self-recorded on a Panasonic RX-FT500) and most of the early songs are about his multiple crippling drug addictions, his abusive asshole step-father, and the time he spent as a psychiatric nurse on a lockdown ward. The more recent albums are more concept Read more

More fingers=faster blogs. I should as for a raise...

I’ll have you know I swim in the Detroit river every summer and it’s left me with a healthy green glow. 

These guys often spend a couple hundred on many pieces of crap, so a few thousand on one piece of crap is honesty more efficient.

My Irish cousins sent me their pre-tubthumping albums when I was in middle school and it made me pretty radical--both in terms of coolness and in terms of politics.

I didn’t know this band! They are very my jam. Thanks!

My father continues to play lead guitar in a prog rock cover band to this day, haha. He’s also the one who also got me into cars.

Fuck. I missed that when it got changed it up. Thanks man.

We Detroiters loved his column. I regularly rant on Detroit themes, but I don’t hold a candle to Foley. No one does.

I’m from, and still live in, Detroit. Folks can still call me a lefty commie all they want, I just come with a rust belt legitimacy that makes me hard to argue with.

In the words of deputy Clementine Johnson: I’m not meant to be a cop. I am not meant to be a magician’s assistant. I was not meant to go to college. I was not meant to donate blood. I am a Babylon Sister, and I was meant to shake it with Steely Dan, motherfuckers! Whoo! 

Shiiiit. This is definitely going to be Thursday’s traffic jam

Dee Dee is a boxer-black lab. Jasper is a pit bull-mastiff (also known as a Bandogge) and maybe some kind of hound? Not sure. This is a fancy way of saying they are garbage dog mutts. Both were found on the streets of Detroit as puppies and are currently living lives more spoiled than any purse dwelling SoCal Read more