Damon Lavrinc
7/15/15 3:46PM

I’m actually looking at milling some holes in a spare top triple I have from the swap and putting risers and dirt bars on it.

4/28/15 6:03PM

Just after the original iPhone came out I was in Geneva for the auto show. We had to travel from the expo center to Lausanne by train every day (about 40 min each way). Naturally, I checked emails and moderated comments and all the usual stuff. Read more

4/08/15 3:04PM

Phantom is just insanely plush. This feels far more utilitarian. Like something a real titan of industry would use and not just a show piece.

4/08/15 3:01PM

With the cruise control set and auto-steering on... hmmm...

4/08/15 2:45PM

Get me a second monitor and a catheter and I'll be here all afternoon.

4/08/15 2:44PM

Eh. I'm not so sure. This is pretty blingy, but much more subtle. Different buyers, different tastes. Think Gulfstream vs... whatever.