Collin Krum
6/13/18 1:22AM

Wow, that’s awesome! Now I’m on a mission to track those camo Jetstars down...

4/30/18 2:21PM

Some of the footage here features NASA’s SR-71 fitted with the LASRE pod, a half-span test article for a linear aerospike engine. This was a Skunk Works program that related directly to the now-defunct X-33 VentureStar SSTO effort.

3/27/18 4:28PM

Pantheon of Petroleum, If you’re listening, I could really use some supernatural wrench inspiration in my life right now.

11/23/17 4:09PM

A Mitsubishi 4-cylinder 2.3 L turbodiesel was optional during the 1986 model year. If that isn’t future classic status, I don’t know what is.

2/03/17 9:01PM

OSIRIS-REx will collect a sample during a “Touch And Go” maneuver via a mechanism called TAGSAM. The spacecraft will rendezvous with Bennu but will only physically come into contact with the asteroid’s surface for a brief moment.

1/28/17 1:06AM

The next SSBN class (following Ohio-class) will be called Columbia

8/06/16 2:47PM

I was there for QM-2 and it was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

8/01/16 6:19PM

If Earthrace/Ady Gil hadn’t sunk, this would be perfect for a head-to-head comparison test

7/25/16 5:33PM

The Chicago rock band Kill Hannah has an amazing song called Laika, written in her honor.

10/09/15 9:29PM

You’re un-greyed. And imagine our frustration when approving every individual comment takes no less than four clicks.

10/08/15 12:25PM

Absolutely, and thanks for reading! Even though Space Week only happens once a year, we’re constantly working on space stories. Make sure you check out the “Spacelopnik” tag to find more great content!

10/07/15 2:28AM

Thank you! I updated the post with this information.