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what you’re seeing is a pillow that actually sits on top of the headrest! It’s made of some sort of microfiber/suede material, and it’s supremely comfy. Read more

Unfortunately and ironically for this job, I suffer from pretty gnarly motion sickness. I’ve got to pretty much keep my head up the whole time. So yeah, I’ve tried books, but I do not think the passengers next to me want barf on them. Read more

love Dusk til Dawn, but he didn’t direct it! Rules are rules. Read more

I thought about it, but Chrissy was dumb enough to definitely take out a huge loan on a car.  Read more

your mom’s car (this goes for anyone reading this comment) Read more

Hell yeah B1G Brothers. I do love the Avenger video, but it’s a bit much at this point. Read more

If the M3 Comp Wagon had seats this uncomfortable and suspension this nausea-inducing, then no. It still wouldn’t be good. Read more