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Yes, as many of you have pointed out: The headline initially said “$2 a day” when it should have said “$2 an hour.” That was my mistake, and I’ve fixed it. Thank you to the comment section for alerting us to this error! Read more

Gotta give credit to the comment section: you folks discovered two errors I’ve now corrected: Read more

Something else I appreciate? The fact Bentley took the time to put a little alcantara covered pad near where your right knee rests while driving. This is becoming a bit of a crusade for me. All cars should have this little pad, and I won’t stop complaining until they do. Read more


Rolls Royce:

Man this is the softest of the soft shit 90's. I don’t listen to much radio but when i do ... and this comes on it reminds me to get music playing from my phone again Read more

I think there needs to be an off-road trim to make that really work.  Read more

This is a great write up, Andy. I sincerely appreciate how you acknowledged it’s faults and how frankly pointless a vehicle this big is in a way that isn’t trying to shame someone for enjoying it. I personally have no drive to own one of these, but I totally get the appeal. Read more

You made us all proud. You’re basically the English speaking Dante. Read more

Story time: Last weekend, I was with some friends (we are all in our late 20's, I’m the only one who knows anything about cars) and had a girl who we all know can’t wait to have kids once she’s married tell me that a Toyota Sequoia is the perfect family vehicle. I tried to tell her a mini-van would be better, and we Read more

Open letter: There are some members here (that participate often) that tend to be so mean spirited that it makes me not want to participate. I would say 85% of the comments I get from commenting to posts are positive. However there are always the ones who nit-pick at things like grammar (I had one small grammatical Read more

the first time I called my mom "dude" she needed to take a minute to sit down and think about how to proceed Read more