Aaron Brown
ex Jalopnik car boy, former social media editor.
Jan 8 2020

I’m speechless, but with 36,895 comments, I haven’t always been speechless.  This post is the best prize ever!  Thanks so much, Andrew!

Oct 30 2019

I read every Stick To Sports article yesterday. I’ve got a bunch of ammo for emailing Jim and his bosses (info below) at some point today, once I’ve done some job searching. I’ve got adblock on, because fuck those insane autoplays, but I am willing to whitelist again if they got rid of the page-choking things and Read more

Oct 18 2019

Ya know, after reading all these messages, I rescind my nice memo. Fuck you Aaron

Oct 18 2019

also important to remember that his custom license plate was L TRAIN until someone stole it, maybe a week after he got it

Oct 18 2019

Goodbye and best wishes, Aaron.  I hope Ballaban is right.

Oct 18 2019

Shocked no one mentioned that Aaron dropped $4000 on a motorcycle to offset the L train’s shutdown last year, just to learn the L train would not be shutting down. I have no idea why he still owns the bike.

Oct 18 2019

Oh, God, I missed the memo that we had to write paragraphs!! Aaron, I know I’m going to see you pretty much constantly once you leave this building because you are the only person I want to sing Jojo’s Get Out at karaoke with, and you are always asking my brother for car parts or advice.

Oct 15 2019

I would expect nothing less. Survival instincts kick in hard and fast when a tire slips. Hopefully making you more relaxed and followed by a gradual reduction in throttle. :) Read more

Oct 14 2019

I’m with you. Keep the final drive topped off, keep the antics down and ride it home monitoring things. I’ve ridden bike with oil leaks (no not Harleys haha) and other problems and its just par for the course that something will go wrong on some trip and you have to deal with it somehow.