Actual Participation Award: The Jalopnik Commenter Of The Decade

The Ford GT, one of $kaycog’s favorites. Image altered by the author.
The Ford GT, one of $kaycog’s favorites. Image altered by the author.
Photo: Ford

Jalopnik’s comment section is one of the best things about the site, maybe one of the best things on the internet, and I’d like to say a very earnest thank you to everyone who participates. But with the help of our tech team, I figured out who the most prolific Jalopnik commenter of the last decade has been.

Shoutout to $kaycog, who dropped a whopping 36,895 comments on Jalopnik posts between 2010 and 2019. That’s awesome.

I’m proud of the blogs we stamp out at Jalopnik on the daily, but let’s be real, sometimes even I scroll straight past stories to the reader comments here. The fact that we’ve got such an interested and informed community to entertain is a big part of why I love coming to work every day, and I imagine, one of the main things still motivating people to fight their way through video ads and Taboola links to get to the good shit. (Sorry.)


So! Thank you!

And $kaycog, if you shoot me an email and send me an address or a PO box or something, I’d like to send the super-prize of a regifted Apple Watch from Audi. The German automaker mailed it to me a few months ago, presumably as encouragement to write nice things about the R8 I drove, and I can’t keep it because of some bummer no-bribery clause I found in my employment contract. I haven’t even opened it!

Joke’s on Audi anyway, I mean come on, the freaking R8 needs no palm-greasing to be exciting. Where’s my Apple Watch from Mitsubishi? (Kidding.)

Or, $kaycog, if you’d rather not send me your physical location and just have your prize be this recognition post, that’s cool too.


You guys (the commenters, all of you) are the best and I appreciate you all immensely. Let’s keep the constructive shit-talk rolling through to 2030!

Jalopnik Staffer from 2013 to 2020, now Editor-In-Chief at Car Bibles

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I’m speechless, but with 36,895 comments, I haven’t always been speechless.  This post is the best prize ever!  Thanks so much, Andrew!