As for the support team, the two converted baggage cars (Sorry their names escape me right now) contain a Gen-set and a full machine shop to service the old beastie.  Read more

I’m thinking it may be lighting, if you take a look at the beginning of her routine he heals appear to be white there as well. Read more

I’m a fan of touchscreens in cars like the next guy but I do find fault manufacturers with a simple way to update the firmware. I also fault the absence of an upgrade path for vehicle infotainment systems. Even a 5 year old system looks and acts dated by today’s standards i.e. my ‘14 Chevy Volt. I would love to be Read more

(With plex pass) Availability of your media anywhere, anytime granted your server is running. Metadata, i.e. Rotten Tomatoes ratings, cast info, etc. You also have the opportunity to set up your media however you wish with a nice interface to search or browse from. Read more

Yea this was a fun one to sit through. My normal 50 minute commute ended up being 2.5 hours. At least no one got hurt this time around.  Read more

Aerosol cans, there was a workbench on the left side of the garage. Read more

Well that makes sense now. Christmas eve I set up a “Merry Christmas” routine only to have it fail spectacularly ending with me erupting into a profanity-laced tirade against computers. Read more

What I don’t understand about all of this is, “Why do they feel threatened?” More electric-based vehicles on the road means more and possibly cheaper go-juice for them. Read more

It’s really not too far from the truth. Before I stabilized in my career, I would “Join the gym” by finding warehouse work. Each time I did this I would lose weight and have more endurance. Read more

Yea my philosophy when it comes to Ergonomics, it’s cheaper than a worker’s comp claim. Read more

The answer to this question changes every time I look at the interior of my wife’s vehicle. Read more

No I never got to. Thought about it once but was told by some friends that lived in the apartment complex behind Henry’s that they stopped letting the neighborhood kids climb in there due to breakage and cleaning costs. From what I understand it has a Limo-like interior though. I can tell you the van is powered by a Read more

Try being an 8 yo with that thing right around the corner from you. It sat outside of Henry’s Stereo and CB in Anaheim for almost 2 decades. They would rent it out for party boat/bus cruises. It disappeared in the late 90s shortly before Henry’s went out of business. I’m just glad to see that someone gave it some love Read more

Sorry if this was already mentioned. I’m at work and only have a few minutes to read this article. Read more

Ehh car is still totaled. You’ll never get the smell out of that interior...  Read more

You had me until I saw the line “Gas Spring”. In my experience, these only last ~2 years until they start drooping. Less if the environment isn’t adequately temperature-controlled. Read more

You had me until I saw the line “Gas Spring”. In my experience, these only last ~2 years until they start drooping.

Ahem, $12.75 would be the cost for one trip (One way) in the toll lanes. Hence the nickname “Lexus Lanes”. Read more

A shit-ton of skill and luck. Airline pilots are unbelievably skilled at what they do. It’s a shame most of them aren’t paid in accordance to that skill. Read more