After trying the Porsche Panamera out with a toddler for a couple weeks, I can absolutely say it's a terrific vehicle for taking a person, throwing them in the back in restraints, and then driving really, really fast. Which means it's not just a great toddler car, it'd make a great police car. The New South Wales Police force seems to agree.


The $201,000 (Australian) V6 Panamera is actually a loaner car from Porsche Cars Australia, and is the first car ever provided by Porsche to an Australian Law Enforcement agency. I can't say I'm really shocked at that statistic, but Porsches certainly have had their place as steeds for Johnny Law— in fact, the very last batch of 356s made went to the Dutch Police force.

The car is mostly planned to be used in community outreach and that sort of thing. Going around to schools, making cops seem cool and suggesting that a great way to drive a really expensive car is to become a cop. We do this sort of truth-stretching here in the US as well, but we tend to use American muscle cars.

Still, it sort of seems a shame, as I think a stripped-down Panamera could make a great police car platform. Decent trunk for guns and medical equipment and bags of drugs to plant on suspects, the cut of the rear door is nice and wide to shove a crack-addled bony hooker in, and it's plenty quick.


More importantly, think how great an ex-cop Panamera would be to find used!

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