The authorities in Wangaratta who popped a Honda-driving hoon for doing approximately 130 mph in a 70 mph zone not only impounded his car, they also verbally smacked him around a bit. Aussie cop disses, below.

Here are some quotes from Sen-Sgt Bill Gore from the Wangaratta Highway Patrol regarding the Honda kid:

"This guy was just ticking all the boxes. He is a tool."

He is an "insult to the community."

And a personal favorite:

"The Hume Freeway is surrounded by farmland. We are besieged with calls for cows on the road, sheep on the road, kangaroos."

Won't someone think of the kangaroos?

The unidentified Honda coupe will be held for 48 hours under hoon laws, before being returned to the 23-year-old offender. He'll be in court soon on charges of conduct endangering life and a variety of traffic offenses. (Hat tip to BaldwinPeriphetes!)

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