Audi Wants You To Know That Yes, You Can Put Diesel In A Car!

Diesel — it's not just for buses and bro-trucks anymore! That's the message behind Audi's new ad for their 2014 TDI cars. That's right: a diesel car. No, it's not witchcraft, it's real!


As I learned covering the recent A6 and A7 TDI drive event, Audi is making a big push to get luxury car buyers into their diesel models. Much of that involves dispelling strangely persistent myths about diesel to Americans, like the notion that diesels are smelly, smoky, and slow.


Audi said during that event that their diesel owners still have people run up to them at gas stations frantically trying to stop them from "accidentally" putting diesel into their cars. Yes, that is an actual thing that happens. It's not just advertisement hype.

So hopefully this ad will show Americans once and for all that diesel is for cars, too, especially ones loaded down with insane amounts of torque like the A6 and A7. Now if they can just keep their diesel owners from putting gasoline in them, they'll be good.

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The irony is that the VAG is having the opposite problem here in America, people putting gas into their tdi's has been such a huge problem for them that they are shipping out additional warning stickers, instructing sales staff to better educate and even retrofitting cars with fillers that wont let you put in gas (somehow). The dealership i went to says 1 in 5 tdi's they sell comes back to them in the first year with this problem. Also, I keep hoping someone trys to correct me, but its been 3 years running...3 years of heartless uncaring gas station citizens and attendants.