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Audi TV ad points out America's crumbling infrastructure

There's no denying the poor shape of America's roads. You don't have to drive far to find torn up tires on the side of the interstate or crater-sized potholes. Audi's new TV ad, "The Road," makes its point by reminding us of the cracked, distracted roadways we live with day in, day out.


Selling a car on fear seems to be the main point of the ad, with blaring trucks bearing down on you and newspaper-reading commuters slipping past at highway speeds. It might be a cheap way to sell Audi's new route-panning and information systems that are being built into the A6, but the world is actually a scary place. Especially if you live in Florida, Ohio, and parts of Texas.

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filth Farker

Texas? Texas has fantastic roads. All that money other states spend on education and social services? We spent ours on roads.