Audi Teases Concept That's So Exciting It Doesn't Have A Name

Another auto show, another Audi concept. Curiously, all Audi is just calling these sketches the "Audi show car" and a "compact sports car." No it isn't. But it's probably a concept bound for the Detroit Auto Show previewing the Audi Q1 that's just been confirmed.


Audi released these sketches yesterday along with some details that drop some heavy hints about this being influenced Sport Quattro Concept we saw at Frankfurt a few months ago. They call it a "crossover for all roads and tracks, for everyday driving and recreational use." So, like a crossover.

At less than 14 feet long, this is definitely a compact show car. In fact, pretty much on par with the Mini Paceman that it seems to be aping with its two doors and four-seat layout.


What Audi's super proud of, however, is the design – err... the "pioneering design, with precise lines and taut surfaces." I think what they're trying to say is that it looks like an Audi.

What they don't say is what it's going to be powered by or anything important like that.


We hope there's more to tell when Audi shows off this concept next month in Detroit.


Photos: Audi

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