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The Audi R8 V10 conflagration from way back in April even made this week's episode of Top Gear. It would appear the little bit of "steam" hasn't stopped the German automaker from trying to take the up-engined R8 back out onto the Nuburgring as these shots taken by the WorldCar-Finns spies this weekend would seem to confirm. According to the Finnish fish-slappers, test drivers no longer have anything to fear from the flames:

With the prototype cost estimated at half million Euros, Audi's sport division, quattro GmbH, has now installed an electronic fire suppressant system as indicated by the white "E" (foam based extinguisher) sticker and two red buttons seen next to the driver's side rear view mirror. In case of a fire, the first reaction is for the driver to get out of the vehicle and if risk is minimal, the fire suppressant system can be activated from the outside of the vehicle by pressing the two red buttons.

[via WorldCarFans]