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Last day of track testing is always the best time to take a mule out and really see what she can do, right? Apparently not if it's one of the automaker of aluminum und shteel's highly precise R8 supercars testing the up-sized-from-standard V10 engine. Our spy photographing buddy Hans snapped some shots of what appears to be one of Audi's mules out testing the V10 version on the Br nnchen part of the N rburgring when the million euro Audi R8 prototype caught fire and burned up. Which is really why we can only say "appears to be" — because as you can see from the shots purchased by the net-savvy kids over at the place where the car lovers, dreamers and me head to get connected, there ain't a whole lot of the ber-car left.

Audi R8 V-10 Mule En Fuego! [The Car Connection]

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