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Precision In Michigan: Audi R8 Spotted In Ferndale

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Many people may not know it but I just moved into a new place in downtown Royal Oak, MI. It's the city my Dad grew up in, I was born in, and my cousins still run the local hardware store — so it's got a lot of positive energy for me. Apparently, despite the familial energy, I've been told the fabulous city right next door's got even more energy than my paternal home town. I happen to think that's debatable, but if fab Ferndale doesn't have more energy, today it at least has a bit more precision. That's because we just found out via a camera phone picture from tipster Jason that a certain highly precise mid-engined sports car by the four-ringed automaker from Deutschland visited the fairly fab city. And as Jason put it:

"Nothing like Michigan Road, Snow, and Salt to wreck a beauty like this."

Yes, this is true, and it's truly a shame — but despite the fact I have no wife, it would be a much lesser shame if Audi would allow me to drive said beauty in the city next door. I'm just sayin'...

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