Audi R8 To Get 5.2-Liter V10 Engine, Here's The Proof

Illustration for article titled Audi R8 To Get 5.2-Liter V10 Engine, Here's The Proof

Those rumors about a 5.2-liter, 500 HP-plus V10 being installed in the Audi R8? Yeah, we can pretty much confirm those today. Check out these crystal-clear driveway photos coming from an anonymous tipster of the new and improved Audi supercar. We're told this is a pre-production mule being loaned out to trusted current R8 owners. In addition to two more cylinders, expect a revised front bumper, rear bumper, exhaust tips and side blades for the upgraded Überfahrzeug.

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One of the reasons the Audi TDIs are so dominant in ALMS is they're able to go farther between fuel stops. A diesel has much more torque than a gas engine allowing it to run a higher gear at lower RPM. Couple that with the higher compression ratios that diesels need to run at and they can wring just that much more heat energy out of the same amount of fuel. Now we're talking a 500+HP/700+FTLBS supercar capable of 30+MPG highway!