V10-Powered Audi R8

While we've had some fun with the current-gen R8 as powered by the 4.2L FSI V8, we're more than pumped to see that the brits at evo were able to snap some pics of a thinly disguised R8 said to maybe be carrying the new 5.2L V10. They claim that the new V10 will be available in late 2008 and should put out numbers in excess of the M Power V10 currently doing duty in the M5/M6.


That means that you're looking at horsepower above 500 hp (they're saying 520 hp) at above 8250 RPM. They're also saying that this V10 is based on the current mill, and not the V10 found in the Gallardo/RS6. Sehr gut, ja? Let's just hope this tester is carrying a fire extinguisher. [evo]

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