Audi R8 Meets Gran Turismo 5 On The Nürburgring

Audi has taken its super-Bruce R8 to the Nurburgring to make some direct comparisons between real-world track driving and GT5: Prologue driving as well as letting loose some secrets on the upcoming non-glorified-demo GT5.

GTPlanet is also featuring an interview with Gran Turismo creator, Kazunori Yamauchi in which he reveals that the upcoming Playstation 3 racer will feature both active weather effects, night racing and the previously confirmed, damage modeling. Expect the virtual racer, Gran Turismo 5, to be the largest and most realistic entry in the series yet with a release on the PS3 expected later this year. Until then, we'll have to get our grubby hands on our overpriced copy of GT5: Prologue. [via Audi, GTplanet]


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