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Audi Q5 Spied Taking Right Turn

Illustration for article titled Audi Q5 Spied Taking Right Turn

These are absolutely the most exciting shots of the pending Audi Q5 we've ever seen. They've got us sitting right at the edge of our seats. Watch in excitement as the latest pointless utility vehicle makes a dramatic low speed right turn on a road winding lazily through an empty field. Ponder in amazement what reason Audi would ever have for building yet another crossover in an allready over-saturated market. Watch as you become stupified with astonishment as the shrunken Q7 makes it's worldwide debut at the China Motor Show in a couple of days, allowing you...

Advertisement see the midsized suvvie completely unclad of the anti-spy photo cladding. Wonder with wonderment as you remember it's slated to go into production as a 2009 model year product in Europe with a US debut at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. Astound yourself and the other eleven people waiting in anticipation for the new Audi crossover as you force yourself to have to manage with only these shots for the time being. [WorldCarFans]

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Ash78, voting early and often

Remember, the money you spend on other Audis pays for the ones that don't do so well. It's the Reverse-Cayennne effect. Of course, these costs are hidden.

A4 Base price: 34,299

Premium package: 2,999

Q5 development costs: 1,451

A3 loss amortization for defectors to VW: 3,821