Was Ist Das? Neue Photos of The Audi Q5

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We were so busy with the Q7 review, it seems the newly minted Autobild artists renditions slipped right by us. Our German is rusty (more like seized up) so we're going to treat these with kid gloves, but it looks like a new interpretation of details on the BMW X3 fighter. Even though some of these images are really clear, we have a hard time believing they're undoctored photos. You never know what those photoshopping kids can pull off these days.


Other details we could glean are the the split on the differential may be 40:60, and er, 2008 is the year of the Q5? Help us out here if you're a speaker cause they're probably telling the Q5 will be powered by its driver's sense of self satisfaction and thus they've created perpetual motion. [via Autobild.de (translated)]

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Jeff Glucker

@POLAЯ: Indeed... they are going the route of sophistication... perhaps some glasses for one of them may be coming soon?