Audi loans press car to jilted customer

When we last checked in with Audi customer service they were slow to react to consumer problems. Apparently, they've learned their lesson, with Audi US Prez Johan de Nyschen personally seeing to a customer with an über delayed car.

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It was nice of Audi to loan this guy a car but it's not like he really needed it.

So let me see if I can grasp what went on here. This guy was apparently too picky or too much of a fancy-boy to buy a pre-optioned car that, GASP!, isn't in the trendy d-bag color he fapped to at night. Realizing that he could never be happy with an S4 off the lot, he agrees to buy a car that hasn't been built yet. Knowing full well that they're building a CAR, not a hamburger, and that will all of the assembly and parts and supply chain issues that could arise along the way, he may have to wait a very long time. Or maybe he didn't know that because he's a dandy boy used to getting what he wants quickly or he believes what the Audi salesman tell him.

And since he special ordered the car, it is very very unlikely that he was in NEED of a car to drive as a necessity. If this were the case, then yes, he deserved to have one loaned to him. But to have a luxury item loaned to you because your specially ordered luxury item is behind schedule on delivery is just ridiculous.

The rich really are different. No wait, they're just like everyone else, they're a bunch of self-important whiners. Ahhhh, America.