Atlanta Mourners Shut Down Highway With Donuts For Dead Friend

You miss your dead homie, sure, but how much? Would you stop traffic on a major freeway by doing donuts in your muscle car? That's what these mourners did on Atlanta's 285 this Monday.


The video description, uploaded by SkyHighImpalaz, explains the tribute.

RIP PR JOHNNY! This how we do it in Atlanta ga ! S/o Street Whipz, Cvb., Ridding Clean, Team old Nat, FYCC, Impala Nation, Gt Ryder's, SDR. This how it looks when the city come together!


We're just glad that nobody plowed into anyone else on the highway. We'd guess that the massive smokescreen put up by the Pontiac G8, Camaro, and Firebird put people on notice, but this is still remarkably stupid. We implore you to honor the memory of your loved ones with hoonage on private property.

(Hat tip to Trevor Andrusko!)

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