Voted the hottest NASCAR girlfriend in 2007, driver Clint Bowyer's ex-girlfriend Athena Barber is milking that minor celebrity for all it's worth by baring details of their relationship — and much of her clothing — for FHM Online. She doesn't reveal much about Boywer, who has a tendency toward driving upside down, other than he likes to swear and throw things around his motor home after a bad race. The quotes are more entertaining out-of-context, like: "If they don't do it, then they've got someone who is hired to do it. With Clint and I, we had someone who was hired to do it, but the personal side of it doesn't go away." And her favorite car and driver?
Being a self-proclaimed car nut, she's obsessed with the 1989-93 Fox-body Mustangs, which seems like an appropriately NASCAR choice. Her favorite driver isn't actually her ex, but rather Jimmie Johnson. Ouch. It looks like Elisabetta Gregoraci has some competition in the "motorsports-associated significant others not quite as hot as Ingrid Vandebosch" contest. [FHM Online, Photo Laurens Antoine]