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At The End Of The Day, The Honda CRX Is Still Just A Civic

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It might be the greatest Civic this side of a furious Type R, but it’s a Civic nevertheless. And that makes it so brilliant.

Why does every dirtbag in your neighborhood try to steal your beloved early 90s Honda CRX? Because it’s awesome and they want to drive it despite the US not getting the VTEC engine the rest of the world enjoyed in the very same car. Also, it’s pretty easy to steal.


And why is the CRX beloved by car enthusiasts anywhere you go? Because unlike the NSX, the CRX was a car for the people, a practical hatchback you could buy cheap. Being a Civic of course means a mint CRX became a rare sight twenty-five years on, but who cares when your sporty Honda still feels great to drive despite having to deal with salt, dust and all those evil things that make cars rust away after two decades?


At last, a review of the CRX from Regular Car Reviews. The CRX soldiers on and is still there for you. This second-generation model has been there for you since 1987, the year of the rabbit.

It still moves around swiftly alright.

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