Honda Should Be Making Cars Like The CRX Again

Those 91 extremely reliable horses-of-power makes the CRX one of the best cars Honda has ever formed out of metal, and Christopher Hoffman is an original fanboy.

A rev-happy 1.5 four-cylinder with an engineered hole in the exhaust for more grunt. Only two seats but a smart interior and a nice steering wheel. While the CRX might only have 91 horsepower and 91 pound-feet of torque, it's also light at 1900 pounds and as reliable as a hammer. That's why you can have one for almost three decades without ever having a breakdown.

A clean Honda CRX Si is worth as much now as when new. But you won't sell. Why would you? The dollar is a lot less stable.

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Chris_K_F drives an FR-Slow

Pretty much all they need to do is put a K-Series in the CR-Z and BAM! new CRX. If it wasn't for the terrible powertrain in the CR-Z it would probably be my next car. Love they way they look, just can't get past the incredibly disappointing performance.