At The End Of Doubt: James May Is The Man

Most people start watching Top Gear because of Clarkson's bloviation. Which is fine, as he is very good at it. But then the episodes roll by and you notice that while it's a great trick, Jezzo has but one. So then you develop a man-crush on the Hamster and fantasize about a little bromance with him and his Morgan. However, Richard is something of a spaz. And he whitens his teeth. Enter Captain Slow. Davey and I long ago determined that James May was by far the best part of the show. He's the thinking pistonhead's choice. Spinelli is even going for the hair, as Mr. May is without question the man. Above is the pudding proof.


Question of the Day: Who Has the Hotter Hair?; James May on Jalopnik {Internal]

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If I ever grow up to live past 30, and not die in a freak motorcycle accident or some sort of Hunter S. Thompson-inspired drug binge, I want to be the equivalent of James May (and my 11th grade math teacher who was equally awesome).

Women love him, men want to be him. He really needs his own show, and not just those miniseries specials.