All praise due to Tom Anderson for the question. But really kids, this one writes itself. Especially now that Spin is out of town and we can make fun of him. So, all praise due to Ray Wert? I feel dirty just typing that. Anyhow, on the left, representing the US of A, double-guns blazing, the founding father of all that's Jalop, the mouth from New Jersey, the pride of Italian-Americans everywhere, the one, the only, Mike Spinelli!!! And on the right is some British dude with a TV show and lots of cats. As far as the hair goes, it does appear that Captain Slow's neck was kept a little warmer this past winter. It should also be noted that that Spin is about three months away from being able to fill in for Frank Bello should Anthrax need a look-a-like bass player. Age might trump beauty however, as we simply cannot get past those cute gray tufts Mr. May is sporting. They're like little racing stripes.

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