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Like Chuck Norris, when Dr Z's on the scene, we know he can handle any problem. He gave a roundhouse kick to the Chrysler Group when he was over on these shores, and he's giving one to the Mercedes Group over in Deutschland as we speak. But since he can't be in two places at once, it looks like earnings at the German- American hybrid will only end up flat this past quarter despite an assumed profit in the Mercedes Group. According to analysts polled by AFX News:

adjusted group operating profit would be in the range of 1.931-2.032 bln eur compared with 2.0 bln in the same quarter last year, with sales at 38.56-41.30 bln from 38.42 bln.

Dr Z was asked yesterday about these reports, and although he declined to comment (SEC and Euro guidelines we're sure prevent that sort of thing) we know he's gotta have a gameplan — perhaps a kung-fu grip? Maybe more underpants gnomes? We feel like maybe the Chrysler Group just needs Dr. Z back over here.

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