Dieter Knows Step Two

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Every South Park fan knows the saga of the strange and mysterious 'underpants gnomes'. The beastly li'l bastards sneak into our rooms late at night to steal our underpants. Kind of like what we used to do at sorority houses in college, except without the personal protection order. Anyway, the business model itself is pretty clearly defined by the chief strategist for the underpants gnomes:

Step #1: Steal Collect Underpants
Step #2: ???
Step #3: Profits

What's step #2 you ask? Well, it looks like DaimlerChrysler's Dieter Zetsche knows the mysterious and unknown Step #2:

Apparently, Step #2 is to cut costs by running an efficient operation and building cool lookin' cars people wanna buy. Who coulda known? Dieter knew. How do we know Dieter knew? Well, he guided the Chyrsler side of the business back to black, and he's in the process of workin' his mojo with the Mercedes side. So it seems he knoweth at least a thing or two.


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