Ask Hankook Tire Formula Drift Driver Chris Forsberg Anything

From building rotary Mazdas in a barn to winning the Formula Drift championship and wheeling a thousand-horsepower V8 Nissan 370Z, this is Chris Forsberg. Ask him anything!


Forsberg is the real deal, getting his start building RX-7s in a barn in Pennsylvania, then moving to the West Coast and going pro in drifting. And I do mean pro. Forsberg might be the most professional driver in the series, technically accomplished like nobody else in the field. He's so good, he even could teach me how to drift (kinda).

Also, his racing schemes are homages to Star Wars and his personal car is a 500 horsepower Skyline-swapped Datsun 280Z.

Want to know how to build a drift car for a few grand? He's the man to talk to. Want to know how to build up your own racing team? He's your guy. Want to know how to drive while getting tazed? Uh, hm. Maybe you don't want to know.


Chris is currently leading the Formula Drift standings and recording Garage Tours, where he travels the country checking out the coolest shops, garages, and tuning houses around.


Ask away!

Photo Credits: Raphael Orlove (top), Drift Idiot (inset)

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