Ask Corvette Racer Tommy Milner Anything You Want

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When you're watching the 24 Hours of Le Mans, one car sounds different than the rest: The thundering V8 of the Corvette C7.R. Tommy Milner is one of the aces behind the wheel, and he's here to answer all your burning questions for the next hour. Fire away!


Milner is 28, but has been racing for 14 years. Like any kid that wants to start racing, he first ran karts and then started moving up the ranks, eventually getting to Le Mans in 2006 with Multimatic Racing in a Panoz. In 2011 with Corvette Racing, Milner achieved a class win at Le Mans.

Also, if you think Tommy Milner is related to Tom Milner, the owner of the now defunct Prototype Technology Group and its BMW race team, you'd be very right. That's his dad.

But now, on the eve of the big race at COTA, Tommy is here for the next hour to answer your questions.

Let's goooo!


Jonathan Harper

Tommy when will you be growing a mullet?