Ashley Van Dyke Is NOT Driving A Corvette ZR1 In The Bullrun

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A quick glance at the very graphical press release from Ashley Van Dyke, the motor-loving mistress of the Bullrun TV show, and you'll think perhaps she'll be driving the new $413,000 ($105,000 minus dealer markup) and 638 HP 2009 Chevy ZR1 in this week's Bullrun road rally. It's hard not to. It's right there at the top of the press release. For a moment there we thought maybe Chevy was throwing down the ZR1 for some road rallying hype — like the Z06 before it for the Frankl twins. A quick e-mail to Chevy was enough to tell us they certainly didn't give her one and according to our friends at GTSpirit, we've found out what she is driving. They tell us the lovely lady's driving a Corvette Z06. While the Z06 is a blast to drive, we don't think it's quite the horsepowergasm of the upcoming ZR1. Mostly because it's not so powerful we're simultaneously pissing our pants and giggling like a schoolgirl at the thought of getting behind the wheel. So, while there's no ZR1 on the 'run, self-promotion is still running rampant. Hit the jump to see the press release in its entirety. [Ashley Van Dyke, Bullrun]

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@CeRuLeaNBLuMissingPOLARtoo: Please don't make me start talking about 'ergonomics', 'flexibility', 'customization' and the likes...

Keeping in mind I know jack squat about American television, wouldn't the logical deduction from that advertisement be that she is:

a) Driving a Gallardo Superleggynobra

b) Possibly photoshoperified to look like she is going to drive the Lamborgasm

c) A delectable combination of what we like about Auto shows: cars and babes.

d) Just a tease, like the press release.

e) All of the above