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On top of the fast cars, Bullrun's also known for the fast women โ€” but other than a few like the lovely Annabelle Frankl, they're normally not drivers. Usually, they're just a bunch of ladies with a penchant for wildness โ€” drawn to the fast action and even faster dropping of bills at the bar. Once in a while however those girls are of the professional variety โ€” like those hosting the Bullrun Beantown party last night, where we partied it up with some real Girls Gone Wild. Other than their choice of dress, they were rather tame, so we participated in a touch of the wildness ourselves, ending up playing one of the more liquored-up games of pool we've yet experienced. It's the only reason we're able to come up with for why Ms. Frankl was able to school us yesterday in both driving and billiards. Yeah, well โ€” at least we told ourselves that to help us sleep last night. Judge for yourself while we run with the rest of the bulls this morning.

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