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A Los Angeles artist is transforming the city's soul-crushing traffic congestion into a (slowly) moving performance space using a white Mazda truck, a few puppets and an FM transmitter.


Superclogger is Los Angeles artist Joel Kyack's attempt to perform a puppet show in the back of a capped Mazda pickup at preset times when congestion normally occurs. So that motorists can hear what the puppets are saying, they'll use an FM transmitter to broadcast directly into the surrounding cars.

Or, to put it into artsy speak:

Superclogger aims to briefly halt the progression of chaos by temporarily drawing the audience out of the commute experience and placing them within an intimate space of engagement and performance that highlights their own individual presence within the broader structure of the traffic jam.


Anything to break up the monotony of Southern California traffic. There's a list of times here if you're so inclined to participate in this literally moving public performance.

[LA><ART via GOOD]

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