Are You Telling Me Painting A Helmet Has Been This Easy This Whole Time?

GIF via: Keep Drifting Sparkly, I mean Keep Drifting Fun

For years I have been wearing the same, plain white racing helmet. Why? It’s not because I wanted a plain white racing helmet; it’s because I assumed that painting one was an arduous process only doable by professionals. And I’ve been wrong this whole time?

This is Will Roegge of the excellent Keep Drifting Fun. He has a brain bucket for low-speed drifting as you normally see on little tracks in Japan. It’s black, or at least it was before he hit it with some metallic purple, metal flake and a lot of clear coats.


I have a spare(ish) old helmet that I have lying around. If it’s really this easy, I’m going to make it sparkle green this weekend and curse myself for not doing it sooner.

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.



Man, this sounds like a bad bad bad bad idea. Polycarbonates are *very* susceptible to acetone, which is in many spray paints (along with toluene, another no-no). You’re risking making the helmet brittle.