Are We Mispronouncing Subaru?

There's lots of fascinating stuff in these old American-market ads for the Subaru 360 — the car itself tooling around, the proper way to hold a snifter of gasoline, watching that woman get in a tiny car with suicide doors — but maybe the most interesting is how "Subaru" is pronounced.


In these ads they say "soo-BAH-roo" which is quite different from the normal American English pronunciation that sounds like "SOO-ba-ru." Does anyone have any idea what the "correct" way to pronounce the name is? The Japanese pronunciations are different from either of these as well, and Subaru's current ads are much closer to how I normally hear it spoken.

So I guess the real question is when did it change, and why? I don't have an answer just yet, but I'm looking into it. In the meantime, I'd love to hear some inane conspiracy theories!

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ptak appreciates old racecars

You Americans are mispronouncing Citroën, SEAT, Renault, Koenigsegg, ZIL, Porsche, and probably Lancia. Even Volkswagen.

But worst of all, you're mispronouncing Škoda. >:c