Are These People Having Sex on the Subway Heroes or Villains?


A couple had full-blown intercourse on the Vienna metro. When other passengers realized what was up, they fled—then, slowly but surely, crept back to watch, cheer, jeer, photograph, and film it. Is this a triumph or a travesty?


The subway sex-havers of Vienna: A point/counterpoint debate. (Warning: The above video is R-rated.)

They're heroes
by Brian Moylan

OK, clearly people doing the nasty and leaving their bodily fluids in a public space is pretty darn gross, but it's also really hot. Who hasn't ridden the subway late at night and saw a comely gentleman or lady and their thoughts turn romantic—or actually sexual. It's such a taboo, something so public and transgressive that it makes the act of doing a little choo-choo in the underground tunnels even that much more attractive. God knows if I was on an empty subway car with an eligible gentleman who seemed willing that I would try some shenanigans. We shouldn't fault these people for having the balls (and ovaries) to fulfill something we all fantasize about. Yes, I know it's wrong, but that's part of the appeal. And good on the people for cheering and filming. If someone is so A) crazy or B) exhibitionist to knock boots on public transit, we're happy they're getting a good reception. People should behave themselves in public, but it's nice that human sexuality isn't getting the knee-jerk Puritanical disgust that it often gets. The scene probably would have ended much differently if the two weren't young and attractive, but that's a whole different argument.

They're villains
by Maureen O'Connor

It's bad enough when creepy men wave their penises at strangers on the subway. Actual intercourse in front of a captive audience is clearly worse! A prolonged act that draws unwitting bystanders into its fantasy, with no escape for those who don't want to partake, who don't want to see, hear, or—dare I say?—smell it, because the train is moving, and some of us are too chicken to open the door that lets you walk between cars, lest we fall between them and die. Do you really want me to die beneath the electrified wheels of a speeding subway just so you can have some live action porn, Brian? This is not an issue of sexiness; it is an issue of riding the subway unmolested. (Not rape-molestation. Just annoyed-molestation, like when you get stuck sitting beside someone with a jimmy leg on the bus.) Besides, subways are disgusting enough without the addition of sex juice and butt grease. Though I admit to being impressed with the subway sex-havers' gumption, I remain resolutely subway sex negative. I am, however, subway sex video positive, as horror erotica for germophobic voyeurs.

[Vienna Online via Buzzfeed]


LandofMinos: ...sent down to strike the unroadworthy!

It's a cold winter's night in June (Aus) and I've just dropped a double dose of LSD and gone to my local pub with two friends and sat where I normally drink on the balcony after work, glued to my barstool not moving, totally off my face.

The view I have is as per the picture I took yesterday (only night-time) with the big junction and cafe across the street. I got to a point of hallucination where the traffic lights across the road made colorful humming noises as only a tripper would understand.

Down the street there's the Enmore Theatre where that night, a Swedish metal band played and there were a lot of darky dressed people wearing darkly colored clothes and make-up to match their dark sensibilities.

Some time later, a couple of metal-heads appeared from around the corner and proceeded to some heavy petting against the wall of Cafe Newtown across the street.

In my state of mind, I my attention span was quite limited, about 5 minutes later they were still there only now I was sure some crotch action was going on; hands down the front of pants and such. She had her back against the wall sort of sitting in the window sill, legs apart.

Then thrust action kicked in. I asked the bar lady (who came out on a ciggie break) if I what I was seeing was real. Her look of astonishment confirmed what I was seeing.

A passing bloke who looked like a pious and upstanding Christian, stopped at the crossing to cross the road back towards us with the now fucking couple right behind him...

...I yelled "HEY MATE, FREE PORNO, JUST TURN AROUND!". He did, he jolted, did a double take, and quickly disappeared.

Then some young hoons in a V8 Commodore pulled up at the lights, one yelled something out, another got out of the car, walked right up to them and took a photo, sticking his phone in as close to their crotch as possible. The couple seemed to like this. The young hoon was called back to the car, so he slapped the dude on the arse and ran back.

By now I'm nearly falling off my stool in hysterics. The LSD in my system made it seem like the funniest cartoon I've ever seen. Other people on the balcony were now cheering them on.

Then came the gravy stroke and it was all over. They did up their pants, the guy turned around and took a bow to applause and cheering. Turns out the dude was one of the Swedish metal band members and the girl was someone he just met.

Such is the nightlife around my suburb. Most people who walked by didn't really care what was going on. To them, it's just par for the course in Newtown.