​Apple CarPlay Could Ditch The Wires In Latest Release

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For the few vehicles that actually support Apple CarPlay, an iPhone has to be connected to the car over USB, but that looks like it's going to change with a new software update.

Apple released iOS 8.3 to developers today, the latest beta version of its mobile operating system, and one of the primary updates is allowing wireless CarPlay support.


Techcrunch got its hands on a screenshot of the supposed update (below) and was tipped off by a "source familiar with the beta" that confirmed the wireless integration. But how it would work still isn't clear.

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Bluetooth would be the obvious way to connect up with the in-dash screen, but there are issues with maintaining a robust enough connection to stream that amount of data. WiFi would be more reliable – and certainly possible – although the amount of head units with integrated WiFi is scant right now.

The descriptions available in this latest release don't explain which wireless protocol CarPlay would use, but instructs the user to hold down the voice control button on the steering wheel to pair their phone with the stereo, after which it would remain connected whenever the driver enters the car.


iOS 8.3 won't be available to consumers for a while (Apple hasn't even released 8.2 Beta 5 into the wild), so wireless CarPlay support is still a ways out – not that it really matters when only a handful of cars even support it yet.

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Yes, I like Jukes

Apple carplay is one of the worst ideas that I have ever heard of. For an aftermarket radio, sure. For a manufacturer to install from the factory? So you're telling me that if I have a real smart phone, the radio in my car is worthless? They would be smarter to just install the pioneer appradio which can full mirror iphone an android; that would make sense.