Anything You Want To Know About The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster?

Yes, the nose lift is up. I know this picture sucks, but seeing the car street parked with regular commuters kind of cracks me up.
Yes, the nose lift is up. I know this picture sucks, but seeing the car street parked with regular commuters kind of cracks me up.
Photo: Andrew P Collins

The PR firm repping Lamborghini saw fit to loan me an Aventador SVJ Roadster for the weekend, for science. So, yeah, now I have to spend the next few days sweating bullets hoping nobody scratches the $667,661 art piece parked among the normies on my street. I should probably drive it, too!


Having driven it a total of 15 feet so far, from the trailer it was dropped off at to a vaguely suitable parking spot, I can already tell you that the car’s proportions are delightfully preposterous and the thing passes the only supercar test that really matters with flying colors: It stands out. Big time.

Plenty of high-tier cars from more mainstream makes have graced the curbs in front of my apartment but this thing is right up there with the lime green McLaren 675LT and highlighter yellow Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared for brain-frying factor.

“Don’t let it idle too long,” the delivery man mentioned. “And have fun!”

I’ll do a writeup or two after I put a few miles on. Meanwhile, drop some questions into the comments if you’re so inclined.

For baseline info: The color is called Rosso Efesto, engine output is claimed at 770 horsepower and the starting list price is $573,966.

Options on this test rig, as written on the window sticker, include:

  • Ext detail + fixed Air: $7,100
  • Hard top in carbon fiber: $5,600
  • Mirror housings in shiny: $2,800
  • Style package: $8,400
  • SVJ Logo - Black: $8,400
  • Electric & heated seats: $4,200
  • Internal cross stitching: $1,400
  • Transparent Protective: $3,500
  • Interior Logo SVJ colored: $700
  • New Rims 20/21: $5,200
  • Visibility and light: $1,800
  • Travel package: $1,100
  • Seat belts - Rosso (Red): $1,800
  • Special Color - Rosso: $14,800
  • Ad Personam Interior: $14,700
  • Ad Personam exterior $2,100
  • GGT: $6,400
  • Destination Charge: $3,695

I’m not even sure what all that stuff is, but I’ll try and push every button for you until I find out!


BoxerFanatic, troublesome iconoclast.

Anything I want to know?

How are there enough people in this world with enough money to buy every one of these, and every one of every other multi-million-dollar museum pieces that are FAR more oriented as financial vehicles than road vehicles, that are announced on a weekly basis?

And as a follow up question,

How is there a business case for this and it’s cadre of likewise obscenely expensive brethren, when there doesn’t seem to be a business case for a mid-engine sports car WELL equipped at 35,000$ with 350 horsepower/tq, and less than 3500lbs?

This dichotomy is seriously damaging my capability of enjoying even reading about cars, let alone being able to enjoy a new one that I could ever hope to afford.

I can’t even read the front page of this website without these things being rubbed in my face.... ‘oh, look at what they can build, but you’ll never even be allowed to touch.’

Is car enthusiasm just becoming a hobby for the people with so much wealth that it is impossible for them to have earned it through their own efforts, but rather by usurping the resulting value of the efforts of the people who work hard, but could never dream of owning something like this?