Illustration for article titled Another Truck Spills Millions Of Cranberries Across Wisconsin Highway

For the second time in less than a week, a truck carrying thousands of pounds of cranberries cracked open on a Wisconsin highway. The spill covered half a mile. This cranberry menace is getting out of control.


WSAW reports that the most recent spill (pictured above) occurred yesterday at around 4 pm, when a semi trailer buckled and released its tart and autumnal cargo across the roadway. Another truck had also spilled a veritable deluge of berries on a highway in the region last Thursday.

If the Wisconsin DOT can't manage to keep the lid on this horrific cranberry onslaught, expect mass chaos, riots, and widespread asphalt-laced dressing across central Wisconsin.


(Hat tip to SaigaShooter!)

Photo Credit: WSAW

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